Anastasia Bull

By Noemi Soloperto

February 16, 2021


“I love the idea of fashion as a part of a personal utopia and fashion as a means to increase self-love.”

Anastasia Bull designs a magical world that makes people who wear her clothes feel strong and powerful.
Colorful, voluminous and unexpected for her too: the process of creating the clothes is intuitive and follows the flow of consciousness of her thought, totally free and disconnected from any rules and patterns that the world sets.

N: What drives you to create clothes like those?

A: It’s quite hard to put this into words. I am a very intuitive person and I daydream a lot. The outside world or the reality is sometimes very upsetting for me so I dream of this beautiful utopic world. Being creative and creating clothes is the closest I get to fulfill this utopia. It’s just a tiny part of it but at least it is.

N: What is your utopia?

A: My utopia is a place full of harmony. It’s colorful, opulent and paradisian. It’s a place without any form of discrimination. A society with total acceptance. A society that can as well question themselves if necessary. It’s a place where everyone can exist as the best version of themselves.

N: When others tell you they feel power/strong in your clothes what do you feel?

A: I love this question because I don’t think I ever asked myself this. But it seems so obvious. I think it also empowers myself. I love the idea of giving and taking space. It’s an interesting concept. Especially in fashion. How much space do I take when I wear a voluminous colorful dress and how much space do I get through the reaction of people around me? I like to work with these kinds of questions.

N: What’s Anastasia’s mission?

A: To bring more beauty into this world and encourage people to be more bold in the way they dress. I also want people to understand how they can use fashion to empower themselves. I think a lot about how people don’t really know what clothes can give them. And fashion is still seen as something superficial even though it’s a part of our daily life,
culture and art.

N: What is the name of this collection? And the next one?

A: I named this collection “The beautiful Cassandra”. It’s a short story from Jane Austen, only one page long. What I like about this title is that I immediately ask myself “who is this Cassandra” ? It captures the imagination. I don’t know the title of the next season yet, but I like titles that are like poetry.

N: Do you have some news for the next season???

A: Well I think I will drop some looks next summer. It will be some sort of a continuation of my last collection. I might even take the black dress and work on it again. It’s like a never ending story.

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Written by Noemi Soloperto