By Marta Di Natale

April 2, 2021


Feminist fashion: conscious clothing brand for all moods

Tear it open and at its core, Conflict of Ego by Alanna Wain is a philosophy clothed by a brand. Every collection presents a social movement, close to the designer’s heart.

From a conversation with Alanna, the soul and the head of CONFLICT OF EGO,  these are the foundations of the brand explained through key words.


Conflict of Ego is driven by a thirst for diversity and self-expression. We thrive on being culturally fluid and borderless in attitude.

With real people at the core of everything the brand does, we’re eager to empower people to overcome prejudice. Mainly by being outspoken and supportive of one another in business or socially. Blurring the lines with aesthetics from different era’s and cultures, our designs are heavily inspired by social and political movements.


Conflict of Ego is a conscious lifestyle brand, who’s focused on creating bespoke and limited edition pieces.

Each season, we’re committed to lowering our carbon footprint. We’ve recently changed all of our tees to be made from Organic Cotton. We up-cycle silk and design prints which reduce fabric waste and consumption when manufactured. We’re introducing more recycled fabrics in our collections each season.


Alanna, the founder behind the brand loves the concept of mixing old with new and creating something out of nothing. Her love for colour, print and texture has driven her to experiment and sew most prototypes by hand before making them available to customers. “I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I don’t like to rush the design process. This can be a gift and a curse as I have the ability to completely talk myself out of launching a style we’ve spent months developing.”


Each COE piece has a personality of its own. Ready to be worn from one mood to the next. Our ultimate aim is to create feel good clothing, which adds that extra bit of confidence and power to make every entrance one to be remembered.


Conflict of Ego uses design and aesthetic to telegraph evocative messages and provoke thought. The brand looks to, quite literally, ‘embody’ through design, cut, and textile.

Conflict of ego is the future for all the people who simply wanna be themselves.

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Written by Marta Di Natale