Frederieke Broekgaarden

By Noemi Soloperto

December 21, 2020


It seems to wear your own skin. Absorbed by a dream where everything is destroyed and recomposed in another dimension.

Frederieke Broekgaarden, graduated this year at ArtEZ University of the Arts, transports her dreams and her subconscious with the fabric in her latest collection Wrapped: whoever wears these clothes is transported into a celestial way of being.

The bodies are wrapped in tulle and in light – transparent fabrics that fly in the air and they recall the Venus of Botticelli: ethereal and sensual.

“Transparency and colour blocking helped to translate this feeling into designs.”

By studying very well the design techniques of Charles James, the designer was inspired by classic draperies and she realised delicate – almost fragile – items by using couture techniques with her hand sewn clothes.

The minimalism of forms and the contrast between classic tailoring and bright colors are a hallmark of the brand that makes it unique and out of any rigid fashion scheme.

“The collection Wrapped became a painting of fabric.”


Wrapped is the Friederieke’s cross section dreams.

Frederieke Broekgaarden on IG

Written by Noemi Soloperto