By Noemi Soloperto

January 12, 2021


ONRUSH W23FH questions the aesthetic canons and changes the game, the last collection seems to be screaming: “Hey I was in a rush and I wore the first clothesI found! Cool isn’t it?”.

In a word where we are always in a rush and Bauman’s liquid society seems an accurate philosophy to follow, Albert Sánchez and Sebastián Cameras have created a
brand which reinterprets modernity and human relationships through clothes.

The two designers, friends and classmates, have traveled and worked in several Maisons throughout Europe: the result of the experiences is their last collection. Futuristic, conceptual and not obvious.

To get to know them better, I’ve made them some

Can you explain the brand’s name?

ONRUSH W23FH, it all started as our final thesis at University while studying Fashion Design. We were always late or “on rush” to get to the deadline, and we as humans and society, have always plenty of thins to do, so that’s why we thought it was a great concept and everyone could feel identified. Also the code W23FH makes reference to a plane we lost going back home from Brussels and we had to make a long way to get back to Barcelona and we thought it was something personal.

Let’s a talk about your last season “Almost Three”: it is
a complaint to today’s society, why did have decide to
represent Bauman’s concept of liquid society?

It could look like a complaint but it’s not really one, it’s mostly a narrative of what’s happening nowadays between our society and to the system that push us through this chaotic mechanism always keeping in mind this general
FOMO. A way of representing a feeling that could apply to a lot of people, rather than a complaint. We’ve chosen this “liquid society” to present our first collection because nothing fits more our values and If you stop for a second and take a closer look to our lives, it really represents this moment where we are living in 2020. We read Bauman’s ideology and we fell totally in his thoughts, as they were so contemporary.

Are philosophy and sociology your starting point?

It is actually something recurrent in our work, but we always like to start from different points and vary our inspiration or creative process, that’s the best part of our job. Enjoy the process in every way, but it makes you grow as human and learn from every field you are more into at this moment.

What is your mission?

Our main aim is to create and fulfill that desire. Also keep doing collaborations with other artists and build a project together with creatives of other fields and start a community.

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Written by Noemi Soloperto