By Noemi Soloperto

February 9, 2021


From hidden sufferings to volumes out of the ordinary:
Sung Ju Lee, designer of Sung Ju, Seoul based independent
brand, designs garments as a kind of therapy to wipe out bad memories and negative vibes.

The latest collection COLLECTION 2 – “RELATION” is the transposition of the designer’s memories. As a child he was often made fun of for sharing the same name as a typical Korean melon. A direct and fundamental memory that has
become the most important inspiration of the collection.

Spherical bags, jeans with funny bumps along the legs, long oval waistcoats, rounded bombers. All garments recall the shape of a melon and its streaks.

Sung Ju wants to break free from the boundaries of old beliefs
and rules to give free rein to his imagination and creativity,
mixing wider artistic disciplines such as sculpture and architecture.

The designer is currently in Seoul and is creating a new collection. In the meantime, the brand is expanding into stores from Asia to Europe.

N: Hey Sung Ju! Tell me something you would like others to know about you and your brand. 

S: I started in February 2020, and I mainly look to personal experiences for inspiration and love sculptural and architectural silhouettes. I also always consider sustainability when designing. I want to really listen to the feedbacks and thoughts on ‘SUNG JU’ and be in constant communication.

I wish for it to be a lifetime brand that stays long term in people’s wardrobes.

Sung Ju on web – on IG 

Written by Noemi Soloperto